artist statement


What is invisible, impossible to hold, and hard to explain, yet has significant emotional impact on any given situation -  Sound.  My work is primarily based around sound and the emotional experience one can undergo when they truly listen.  Through sound installations, film scoring, and live performance with piano, strings, and computers, I create environments where what you hear is how you feel.  Never dictating a specific emotional path for the listener to follow, but presenting sound in such a way that their thoughts may drift in all directions, creating an experience that is unique for each listener.


A friend once coined my work as “sonic dreamscapes.”  Manipulating traditional instruments with a nontraditional approach is always part of my process.  Placing felt on the strings of a piano and recording at a whisper volume, a violin bow moving on the strings yet not producing a melodic sound, electronically generated tones saturated in reverb, a bicycle wheel spinning at various speeds, field recordings of children playing in a park or a flag flapping in the wind are all common examples of sound sources I use to create these sonic dreamscapes. 


Recently I have begun to incorporate visual elements into my work.  I find shifting abstracts of color, light, and shapes to be a fitting companion to the emotional spectrum.  I find the idea of anamnesis (the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence) to be fascinating and one of the main psychological factors at play.  How we perceive our experiences become our memories.  Through interacting with my work, I hope others are able to experience sound in the same way they would more traditional forms of art, while learning a little more about themselves along the way.