Blog I of 2017 - Sundance, Dayveon, Unscored, & Dreamland


Dayveon had its world premier at Sundance and will go on to play at the Berlin Film Festival in February.  Filmrise secured the rights for a theatrical release, followed by a digital release.  More information coming on that front when I can talk about.  We are also planning to release the score later this spring.  

This was a fun thing to run across in the ASCAP lounge at Sundance.  There is no reason that I should be on a poster with Flying Lotus, Jon Brion, Danny Bensi and Mica Levi but I will take it!

Before the premier with the cast, crew, and producers.  Awesome!


I am going to be releasing my first album this spring called UNSCORED.  More info soon.

Dreamland will have its world premier at the end of March and will air on PBS in early April.  I may release that score as an album as well.  I think it is a pretty good one.  Especially the middle and later half.

All for now! 

Love, Amos