Color Field

Commissioned by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

June 1 - September 30, 2019

Curated by Allison Glenn

2 Channel Audio (App, Web Stream)

4 Channel Speakers Experience (On sight in the museum’s North Forest)

Artist statement:

Opting to bring sound textures to the forefront, while obscuring melodic phrases into the distance, Color Field Outside/In and Colorfield Inside/Out, present an auditory sensory experience that allows our emotions to wander freely in an immersive sonic dreamscape.  The idea is akin to that which is presented in Color Field art wherein color is untethered from narrative content and asked to work alone to draw out emotions.

Abstract sounds recorded in and around the museum are paired with synthetic tones mixed with traditional instruments such as violin, cello, harp, and piano to create the sound pallet.

Color Field Inside/Out is intended to start in the museum while Color Field Outside/In is intended to start in the North Forest. 

In both versions of the piece the same material is presented, arranged in opposite order.

More information and audio stream can be found here.